Since its beginning in 1966, hundreds of people have been members of the Wayne State University Department of Public Safety. Their assignments may have been as officers, communications controllers, cadets, clerks or technicians, but they shared the unique WSU Police experience. For many, whether they remained in law enforcement or moved in another direction, the experiences they had and the people they worked with have been memorable.

The department encourages former members to remain in contact with each other and with current department members. To facilitate contact, the WSUPD Alumni List Service has been established. This list is in an email remailer; email sent to the list is sent to all other list subscribers. Replies are also remailed. It's an opportunity to ask questions or disseminate information to all WSUPD alumni who subscribe to the list by sending just one message. Some very interesting memories pop up in these discussions. The list automatically sends instructions. In addition, you will periodically receive via email a list of all current WSUPD alumni subscribers, along with their individual email addresses. There are currently over 100 subscribers, many of whom are now located in other areas of the country.

To join the list and obtain a list of current subscribers, contact Lt. Len Corsetti at the email address below. Please include the years you spent at WSUPD [ex. 1975-80] and the position(s) you held [ex. Communications Controller, Officer, Sgt]: