How to Submit Confidential Crime Information

If you have information regarding any known criminal or suspected illegal activity, we want to know about it. We always encourage our students, staff and faculty to contact the WSUPD with any concerns. If you have information regarding suspects who you can identify or of criminal activity, we want you to feel comfortable bringing it to us. We respect the privacy of any individual with information that may aid in solving a crime or preventing one. We are fully aware that our citizens are our greatest source of information, and we will do everything we can to maintain the secure transfer of information between the citizens and their police.

If you have a police emergency, call 313-577-2222

Read the choices below to find out the best way to submit information.
When providing a physical description, remember to include any or all of the listed information.

  • Race, sex, approximate age.
  • Height and weight
  • Hair color, eye color
  • Glasses, facial hair, marks or tattoos
  • Clothing, hat, shoes
  • Vehicle descriptions (color, approximate year and model, number of doors)
  • License plate number 
  • Any details about the incident being reported: date, time, place, what occurred.


You can submit your information, comments or concerns to investigators using e-mail.

Your concerns will be addressed as soon as possible. If you submit information, please be as descriptive as possible.

Be sure to include timeframes, specific locations and activity descriptions that are applicable to the circumstance you are reporting.

Email your information to:


The best time to contact an on duty investigator is between the hours of 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. Monday through Friday.

You are encouraged to call with your questions or comments. The number to Investigations is 313-577-2053.

Investigators work various hours and are not always available for receiving calls. All investigators have voicemail, but it is not recommended that you report information over voicemail. Leave a brief message and an investigator will return your contact as soon as possible.

 Sgt. Jaclyn Wilton

 Investigator Eleshia Evans

 Investigator Christopher Powell


One of the best ways to report information is face to face with an investigator.

You can arrange a time to meet with an investigator that is convenient for you.

Please arrange your meeting in advance, via phone.

When you visit an investigator to report information that you feel is suspicious or possibly criminal, please provide him or her with all the specifics you can.

You can also post a confidential tip or concern here:

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