Emergency Phones

On Campus Emergency Telephones

Approximately 297 Emergency Telephones blanket the WSU campus. 176 of these Blue Light emergency phones are located at outdoor locations across campus. 121 emergency phones are indoor emergency phones with one located inside every elevator of every campus building. All of these phones are easy to operate and may be used as either a direct line to the WSUPD Dispatch Center or to make free calls to on-campus telephone numbers. To operate these phones in an emergency, simply push the red “emergency” button of the front of the phone panel. There is no need to dial a phone number as the emergency phone will make a direct connection to the WSUPD Dispatch Center automatically and the call will be received as an incoming emergency services request.

Cellular Phones

Many students, staff and faculty carry their own personal cell phone. This can be a valuable asset in reporting any type of emergency or routine service request anywhere on campus or in the surrounding area. We urge all members of the campus community to pre-program the WSUPD Emergency number (313-577-2222) into their own cellular phone.
We also recommend that you make it a habit to always carry your cell phone on your person at all times. Your cell phone can be invaluable in quickly obtaining emergency services. However, your cell phone is useless if you leave it in your car, in a back pack or book bag that you do not have with you, or left in a coat pocket left hanging back in your office or over a chair in your classroom.

Also, if your personal cell phone number begins with an area code other than “313”, you must enter the “313” area code as a prefix to “577-2222” in your cell phone directory or speed dial. Otherwise you may receive an automated response telling you to reenter the correct area code prefix before your (emergency) call can be completed.