K-9 Unit

ClydeThe Wayne State University Police Department K-9 Unit was formed in 2002. Former Sgt. Tim Farrell was the unit's first handler. The unit has since grown to include three full-time handlers. Officer Andrew Grimm and his German Shepherd partner Drago have patrolled campus since 2011. Drago is trained in explosive detection and tracking. The pair have helped locate fleeing criminal offenders throughout the city and assisted with the recovery of discarded firearms. They also have assisted with major off campus, such as sporting events, parades and presidential visits. Officer Grimm previously handled Diablo and Goran.

Officer Collin Rose and his Rottweiler partner Clyde started patrolling campus in 2013. Clyde is trained in narcotics detection and tracking. Clyde assisted other agencies throughout the city with narcotics detection. In August 2016, Officer Rose started patrolling with a second police dog named Wolverine. He is a VaporWake dog, specially trained to safely detect body worn explosives in large crowds. Officer Rose was killed in the line of duty in November 2016. Clyde was retired to Collin's surviving family and Wolverine was reassigned.

Officer Patrick Hammill and his Belgian Malinois partner Ores have patrolled campus since 2014. Ores is trained in explosive detection and tracking. They regularly assist with explosive detection efforts at Ford Field in advance of home games and major events.

Each canine officer and their partners have undertaken extensive training before hitting the road. They also train regularly with members of the Detroit Police Department and Federal Reserve Police K-9 units. Each officer has a special patrol car specially outfitted to accommodate their partner and the tasks they undertake. The K-9 Unit appreciates the services provided by the Wayne State University D.L.A.R. who assist in providing dogs in the unit with a balanced diet and veterinary care.

Ores                                             Drago