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  1. August 2013 Crime Stats
  2. August 2013 Campus Crime Summary
  3. August 2013 Arrest Summary

1. August 2013 Crime Stats:

- Crimes Reported on the Wayne State University Campus -
  August 2013 Jan-Aug 2013 Jan-Aug 2012
Homicide 0 0 0
Forcible Sex Offence 3 6 1
Non-Forcible Sex Offence 0 0 0
Robbery 5 21 12
Aggravated Assault 0 1 0
Burglary 0 4 10
Larceny 18 127 110
Vehicle Theft 3 8 32
Arson 0 0 0

2. August 2013 Campus Crime Summary:


Three sexual assaults (all involving forcible contact) were reported during August 2013.

On August 13, 2103 a female WSU staff members reported she was the victim of a sexual assault while walking on Cass Avenue at York street at 7:45 am.

The staff member reported she parked her car on Cass at York (one block north of the I-94/Ford freeway) and was walking southbound on Cass Avenue when a man, described below, rode past on a bike, reached out and fondled the victim's breast. The subject said nothing and rode away west on Amsterdam from Cass. The victim was not injured.

Offender's Description:

Unknown black male, 17-27 years of age, medium build, dark complexion, sculptured face, clean shaven, braided hair worn down to his neck, wearing dark framed glasses , navy blue long sleeve shirt, dark pants and riding a standard sized bike with a dark colored frame.

On August 13, 2013, two female APEX students reported they were forcibly fondled by a known 17 year old male fellow APEX student in two separate incidents that occurred "about 5 weeks prior" (early July) inside the Ghafari Residence Hall.

One student reported that while walking in a sixth floor hallway, the male student fondled her breast as he walked by. The second student reported that she had just gotten on an elevator, occupied by the same male subject, when he reached out and fondled the student.

Neither female student wanted to prosecute the offender criminally. However, the male student has been suspended pending the outcome of an administrative review by the university.


Five robbery incidents, four involving the forcible taking of iPhones, were reported during August 2013.

The first incident, a Robbery Not Armed (purse snatching) occurred on August 7, 2013 at approximately 11:45 pm near the Reflecting Pool adjacent to the McGregor Conference Center

A 25 year old female student reports that she and a friend rode their bikes to the Reflection Pool (between the McGregor Conference Center and the Art Building). While there, they noticed a man enter the Reflecting Pool area on foot and sit on the ground against the wall of the Art Building. The victim and her friend stated they felt uncomfortable with the situation and got back on their bikes and started to leave. At that point, the lone male subject got up and ran at the female student from behind, knocking her off her bike. The subject then grabbed the student's purse and ran to a bike he had apparently stashed nearby and fled eastbound on Ferry Mall. Neither the female student or her friend were injured. The student lost her purse containing her wallet, ID, a small amount of cash, bank debit card, passport, house keys and her iPhone.

Offender's Description: Unknown Black Male in his 20's approximately 5'8" 170 pounds, slim build, medium brown complexion, short hair cut, short sleeve tee shift, dark colored pants, riding an unknown type bicycle.

The second robbery incident occurred on August 15, 2013 at approximately 6:15 pm at Warren at Cass.

In that incident, a 25 year old non-WSU male reported he had just gotten off a cross town city bus when an unknown male, also getting off the same bus, reached out and snatched an iPhone out of the victim's hands. The offender then ran off and was last seen in the area of Hancock east of Cass. The victim was not injured. The iPhone was valued at $500.00.

The third robbery incident occurred on August 26, 2013 at approximately 11:40 am in from of Ghafari Residence Hall at 695 Merrick.  There, an 18 year old female WSU student reported she was talking on her cell phone while walking eastbound on the Merrick Mall, near the front of Ghafari Hall when she observed the below described person walking directly towards her from the opposite direction. As the student stepped aside to allow the person to pass, the subject snatched the student's cell phone from her hand and pushed her to the ground. The offender then began running westbound to Anthony Wayne Drive, then turned south towards Warren. Witnesses attempted to chase the subject, but lost sight of him in the area of Warren and Anthony Wayne Drive. The student was not injured. Taken was the student's white iPhone.

The fourth robbery incident, also involving a forcible iPhone theft, occurred at about 9:30 pm on August 30, 2013 on Warren east of Trumbull. In this incident, a 15 year old non-WSU female reported that she was walking east on Warren from Trumbull when she was approached by a group of girls who appeared to be 14 to 16 years of age. As they approached, one of the girls slapped the victim, knocking her iPhone from her hand. The offender then reached down, picked up the iPhone, valued at $500.00 and the group of girls ran east on Warren. The victim was not injured.

The fifth robbery incident, also involving a forcible iPhone theft, occurred at approximately 10:20 pm on August 30, 2013. In this incident, a 22 year old male student reported he was standing in front of an apartment building at 679 W. Warren (between Second and Anthony Wayne Drive) when he was approached by a group of unknown males. The subjects asked the student if he could let them into the apartment building. When the student said he did not have a key to the building, one of the males pushed the student to the ground, took his $500.00 iPhone and then ran east on Warren then north on Gullen Mall. The student was not injured.


A total of eighteen (18) incidents of  Larceny (theft of unattended property) were reported during August 2013 from fourteen different locations across campus. Some of the unattended valuables taken include: one purse, one backpack, three bicycles, and one laptop.


Three vehicles were reported stolen to WSUPD during August of 2013. All were taken from locations on city streets adjacent to a campus location. No vehicles were taken from any WSU parking facilities during August 2013. Taken from city streets were:

Date Location Time frame Vehicle year and model
Aug. 9th Cass north of Canfield 11:00 pm - 1:45 am 2002 Dodge
Aug. 9th Putnam east of Cass Ave 9:00 pm - 12:50 pm 2002 Dodge Stratus
Aug. 31st Hancock west of Second 10:00 pm - 1:30 pm 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora

3. August 2013 Arrest Summary:

 WSUPD Officers made a total of 130 arrests, during August 2013, for a variety of offenses. The arrests were the end result of the investigation of suspicious persons or circumstances, either called in by members of our on and off campus community or observed by officers while on routine patrol, traffic stops, alarm run responses, targeted patrol efforts, rapid arrival to in-progress incidents, or completed crime report investigations by WSUPD Investigators. The following arrest incidents, some involving multiple charges, occurred either on campus or in the surrounding MidTown area.

Offense #
Home Invasion 5
Friend of Court Warrant(s) 8
Robbery Not Armed  4
Carry Concealed Weapon on Person  5
Traffic Warrant(s)   26
Larceny from Motor Vehicle 2
Parole Violation    3
Breaking & Entering an Auto 3
Felony Warrant(s)     10
Fugitive Warrant(s)  5
Possession of Stolen Motor Vehicle 9
Flee and Eluding Police 1
Probation Violation     6
Violation of Controlled Substances 4
Carry Concealed Weapon in Vehicle 4
Misdemeanor Warrants    2
OUIL (drunk driving)      3
Malicious Destruction of Property 1
Parole Absconder    2
Disorderly Conduct   2
Larceny from Person      2
Retail Fraud (shoplift)    8
Larceny                1
Felonious Assault       3
Domestic Violence     2
Assault & Battery        2
Personal Protection Order Violation 1
Curfew Violation          3
Larceny from Building     1
Criminal Sexual Conduct     1
B&E Business Place     1
Resist and Obstruct Police   1

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