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  1. December 2013 Crime Stats
  2. December 2013 Campus Crime Summary
  3. December 2013 Arrest Summary

1. December 2013 Crime Stats:

- Crimes Reported on the Wayne State University Campus -
  December 2013 Jan-Dec 2013 Jan-Dec 2012
Homicide 0 0 0
Forcible Sex Offence 0 7 3
Non-Forcible Sex Offence 0 0 0
Robbery 2 29 27
Aggravated Assault 0 1 0
Burglary 7 13 19
Larceny 13 202 197
Vehicle Theft 1 18 45
Arson 0 0 0

2. December 2013 Campus Crime Summary:


Two robbery incidents were reported during December 2013.

The first incident, a Robbery Not Armed, occurred at 10:15 pm on December 7, 2013 at John R and Warren when a 34 year old non-WSU male, attending the MidTown NOEL Night event reported the forcible theft of his iPhone. The victim reported to WSUPD Officers working the event that his iPhone 5 was snatched from his hand. He described the offender as a young male wearing an orange hooded sweatshirt. Shortly after making the report, WSUPD Officers spotted a subject wearing an orange hoodie walking north on John R approaching Hendrie. The subject was stopped for investigation which revealed the victims stolen iPhone. The offender, who was found to be 16 years of age, was arrested and brought to WSUPD for processing. During the processing, the offender asked to make a phone call to his mother. That request was granted. During the subsequent phone call, the offender told his mother (in the arresting officers presence), "I got in trouble for taking a iPhone. They guy was holding it near me and I was hungry, so I took it." The juvenile was turned over to the Youth Home and criminal charges are pending.

The second Robbery incident, occurred on December 30, 2013 at 1:30 pm when an 23 year old non-WSU male reported he was the victim of a robbery while walking westbound on E. Canfield towards Cass. The victim reported that he was approached by an unknown male who displayed a handgun and demanded money. The victim surrendered four dollars and the offender fled west on Canfield then south on Cass Avenue. The victim was not injured. 


Seven burglaries were reported during December 2013. Incident locations were: Engineering Building - 3 incidents, Medical School - two incidents and one incident each at the DeRoy Apartments and the Biological Sciences Building. Two of the burglary incidents at the Engineering Building resulted in arrests and the recovery of stolen WSU owned computer equipment. 

Computer equipment, taken from a mid-December burglary of the Engineering building, was discovered being advertised on Craigslist. A WSUPD Officer, posing as an interested buyer, contacted the Craigslist seller. The seller arranged for a meeting in a parking lot of a business in Southfield. On December 23rd, WSUPD Investigators, working with Southfield PD, went to the arranged meeting place and confirmed the computer equipment was the same as that taken during the Engineering Building burglary. The seller was arrested and the stolen computer equipment was recovered. Subsequent investigation indicated the the Craigslist seller did not actively participate in the original Engineering building burglary. As a result, WSUPD patrol officers paid particular attention to all WSU buildings during the Christmas Closure period, presuming the offender would likely hit again.

They didn't have to wait very long...

At 5:25 am on Christmas morning, a midnight shift WSUPD officer was checking the exterior doors of the Engineering Building.  While doing so, the Officer noted a unknown male dressed in dark clothing in a courtyard area of the building. Further investigation of the building found a piece of paper jammed between a door lock and the door jam, preventing the exterior door from closing and latching. Further inspection found another exterior door propped open with a screw driver. Other WSUPD officers responded and stopped a male subject, carrying a backpack, who was walking along the north side of the Engineering building. Investigation of this person showed he had no WSU affiliation and was wanted on an outstanding arrest warrant out of Romulus. The subject was arrested. A search of the backpack, subsequent to his arrest, revealed WSU owned computer equipment, keys and credit card belonging to a WSU Engineering staff member. A check of the building interior revealed the computer equipment, keys and the credit card was taken from a fresh burglary on the third floor of the Engineering Building.

Subsequent investigation and interviews of the subject arrested resulted in his admission to committing six of the seven burglaries committed on campus during December 2013. The clothing he was wearing at the time of his arrest on Christmas morning, matched images, taken by an College of Engineering surveillance camera, during an early morning (2:51 am) burglary of the Engineering Building on December 22, 2013.

Charged with one count of B&E School (more felony counts are pending) is Rashard Ronnell White, age 27, of Detroit. He remains in custody in the Wayne County Jail. 


A total of thirteen (13) incidents of  Larceny (theft of unattended property) were reported during December 2013 from eleven different locations across campus. 


One vehicle was reported stolen to WSUPD during November 2013. That vehicle was taken from a WSU parking facility. No vehicles were reported stolen from city streets adjacent to campus locations. Taken from a campus location: 

Date Location Time frame Vehicle year and model
Dec. 11th
WSU Lot 40 (east of Matthaei Building)
11:50 am - 5: 05 pm 2003 Chrysler Sebring

3. December 2013 Arrest Summary:

WSUPD Officers made a total of 70 arrests, during December 2013, for a variety of offenses. The arrests were the end result of the investigation of suspicious persons or circumstances, either called in by members of our on and off campus community or observed by officers while on routine patrol, traffic stops, alarm run responses, targeted patrol efforts, rapid arrival to in-progress incidents, or completed crime report investigations by WSUPD Investigators. The following arrest incidents, some involving multiple charges, occurred either on campus or in the surrounding MidTown area.

Offense #
Friend of Court Warrant(s) 4
Criminal Trespass 1
Fugitive Warrant(s) 5
Traffic Warrant(s) 24
Felony Warrant(s) 5
Resist & Obstruct Police Officer 1
Probation Violation 3
Misdemeanor Warrant(s) 2
Criminal Sexual Conduct 1
Possession of Stolen Vehicle 1
Document Fraud 1
Drive w/Suspended License 1
Larceny from Building 1
Carry Concealed Weapon (handgun) 1
Robbery Not Armed 1
Retail Fraud (shoplift) 4
Parole Violation 1
B&E Vacant Dwelling 1
Receive & Conceal Stolen Property 2
B&E School 1
Parole Absconder 1
Felonious Assault 3
Domestic Violence 6
Possession of Marijuana 1
Violation of Controlled Substances 1
OUIL (drunk driving) 1
Home Invasion 1

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