Campus Watch January 2014

To All Wayne State University Students, Staff and Faculty:

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  1. January 2014 Crime Stats
  2. January 2014 Campus Crime Summary
  3. January 2014 Arrest Summary
  4. Could you be at risk because of your new Credit or Debit Card?

1. January 2014 Crime Stats:

- Crimes Reported on the Wayne State University Campus -
  Jan. 2014 2014 Year to Date Jan. 2013
Homicide 0 0 0
Forcible Sex Offence 0 0 0
Non-Forcible Sex Offence 0 0 0
Robbery 2 2 4
Aggravated Assault 0 0 1
Burglary 1 1 2
Larceny 12 12 18
Vehicle Theft 0 0 0
Arson 1 1 0

2. January 2014 Campus Crime Summary:


Two robbery incidents were reported during January 2014.

The first incident, occurred on Thursday, January 9, 2014 at 2:50 pm inside a stairwell at Parking Structure # 2 when a 19 year old female student reported that she entered the northeast stairwell to go to her car. While walking up the steps, the student was approached from behind by an unknown black male with a deep voice. The student said she felt something touch the bottom of her back  and she thought it might have been a gun. The subject then demanded money and the student surrendered $10.00 in cash. The offender then saw her iPhone in her pocket and demanded it as well.  The student surrendered her iPhone. The offender then told her to leave and she continued on to her car. She did not observe the offender again and believes he went back down the stairwell. The student, who was not injured, then drove home and told her family what had happened. She came into the WSUPD the next day(January 10th) to report the incident.

Offender:  Black Male, dark brown skin, wearing a green Carhartt style jacket. - No further description.

The second incident, an Attempted Robbery Not Armed occurred on January 20, 2014 at 6:00 pm when a 36 year old male visiting Wayne State, reported that an unknown male attempted to rob him while outside the Chatsworth Apartments at 630 Merrick. The victim stated he was standing outside the apartment building when he was approached by an unknown male who asked him for some change. The victim took his wallet out of his pocket, to look for some change, when the subject grabbed the wallet and attempted to pull it out of his hands. A short struggle over the wallet ensued with the victim able to retain control over his wallet. The unknown male fled, empty handed, on foot. The victim was not injured. An area search by responding officers failed to located the following described offender:

Offender: Black male, 25-27 years or age, 6'4" tall, wearing a black coat, blue skinny jeans, white ear muffs and a Jimmy John's Hat.


One burglary incident was reported during January 2014. This incident involved the theft of cash from a lock box located inside a room at the WSU Engineering building. There were no signs of forced entry to the building or the room.


A total of twelve (12) incidents of Larceny (theft of unattended property) were reported during January 2014 from twelve different locations across campus. Left unattended and subsequently taken were a assortment of iPhones, laptops and other valuables that should never have been left unattended.


No vehicles were reported stolen from city streets adjacent to campus locations or university parking facilities during January 2014.


One arson incident was reported during January 2014. That incident occurred at 3:20 am on January 19, 2014, when a resident of Atchison Hall discovered that an unknown person(s) had set a cardboard pizza box on fire in a 6th floor hallway. The resident activated the building fire alarm, grabbed a fire extinguisher and put the fire out. WSUPD Officers and the Detroit Fire Department responded, however the fire was out by the time the fire department arrived on scene.

3. January 2014 Arrest Summary:

WSUPD Officers made a total of 78 arrests, during January 2014, for a variety of offenses. The arrests were the end result of the investigation of suspicious persons or circumstances, either called in by members of our on and off campus community or observed by officers while on routine patrol, traffic stops, alarm run responses, targeted patrol efforts, rapid arrival to in-progress incidents, or completed crime report investigations by WSUPD Investigators. The following arrest incidents, some involving multiple charges, occurred either on campus or in the surrounding MidTown area.

Offense #
Domestic Violence 2
Violation of Controlled Substances 5
Probation Violation 5
Traffic Warrants 12
Assault & Battery 2
Retail Fraud (shoplift) 4
Fugitive Warrant(s) 7
Felonious Assault 2
Felony Warrant(s) 10
Indecent Exposure 2
Friend of the Court Warrant(s) 4
Possession of Burglary Tools 1
Misdemeanor Warrant(s) 3
Parole Absconder 2
Malicious Destruction of Property 2
OWIL (drunk driving) 1
Receiving/Concealing Stolen Property 6
Attempted Robbery Armed 1
Criminal Trespass 2
Juvenile Curfew Violation 6
Larceny From Person 1
Carjacking 4
Fraud 1
Possession of Marijuana 1
Home Invasion 1

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