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  1. March 2014 Crime Stats
  2. March 2014 Campus Crime Summary
  3. March 2014 Arrest Summary
  4. Have a Smart phone? - You'll Want to Read This!

1. March 2014 Crime Stats:

- Crimes Reported on the Wayne State University Campus -
  Mar 2014 Jan-Mar. 2014 Jan-Mar. 2013
Homicide 0 0 0
Forcible Sex Offence 0 0 0
Non-Forcible Sex Offence 0 0 0
Robbery 1 6 7
Aggravated Assault 0 0 1
Domestic/Dating Violence 0 0 0
Stalking 0 1 0
Burglary 3 7 3
Larceny 6 29 45
Vehicle Theft 1 3 3
Arson 0 1 0

2. March 2014 Campus Crime Summary:


One robbery incident was reported during March 2014.

That incident occurred at 8:30 pm on Sunday, March 9th, 2014 on northbound Anthony Wayne Drive at Hancock. There, a 27 year old male student reported that he and two friends were walking northbound on the sidewalk when an unknown male rode up behind him on a bike and grabbed the student's laptop style bag off his shoulder as he rode past. The student and his two friends attempted to chase after the subject, but lost sight of him in the parking lot of the University Club Apartments on Anthony Wayne Drive a Forest. The student was not injured. Taken was a laptop style shoulder bag containing a passport, an iPhone, a wallet with miscellaneous identification and cash. 

WSUPD Officers responded to the area, but were unable to locate the offender. The stolen iPhone had no tracking capability. See Item # 4 (Have a Smart phone? You'll Want to Read This!) below.


Three Burglary incidents were reported during March 2014. 

The first incident was reported on March 4th, 2014 and involved an attempted forcible entry into the Matthaei Athletic building at 5101 John C. Lodge.  

The second incident was reported on March 24th, 2014 and involved the theft copper tubing from the Engineering building. 

The third incident was reported at 12:55 am on March 27th, 2014 and resulted in the on-scene arrest of the offender. In that incident, a WSU faculty member was working late in her locked office when she heard someone in the hallway trying to force entry into the office. The staff member called WSUPD and multiple officers responded. On arrival they confronted a 27 year old non-WSU male inside the building who stated he was trying to locate a restroom. Evidence at the scene, including fresh pry marks to an office door and two screwdrivers found nearby, indicated the subject had other intentions. The subject was arrested at the scene. 

The case was submitted to the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office who subsequently returned a two count felony warrant charging Rachard Ronnell White, age 27, with Burglary of a Building and possession of Burglary Tools. If the above offender's name sounds familiar, it should. Rachard Ronnell White is the same offender who was arrested by WSUPD Officers for burglary, early last Christmas morning, in a similar incident at the WSU Engineering building. See CampusWatch Issue # 170 for details on that case.


A total of six (6) incidents of Larceny (theft of unattended property) were reported during March of 2014 from six different locations across campus. Left unattended and subsequently taken were an assortment of iPhones, a laptop computer, a mountain bike, clothing and other valuables that should never have been left unattended.


No vehicles were reported stolen from WSU parking facilities during March of 2014. One vehicle was reported stolen from city street immediately adjacent to campus location during March.

Date Location Time Frame Vehicle Year & Model
March 24th S/B Lodge Service Drive at Merrick 3:30 pm - 8:30 pm 1998 Honda Civic

3. March 2014 Arrest Summary:

WSUPD Officers made a total of 115 arrests, during March 2014, for a variety of criminal offenses. The arrests were the end result of the investigation of suspicious persons or circumstances, either called in by members of our on and off campus community, or observed by officers while on routine patrol, traffic stops, alarm run responses, targeted patrol efforts, rapid arrival to in-progress incidents, or completed crime report investigations by WSUPD Investigators. The following arrest incidents, some involving multiple charges, occurred either on campus or in the surrounding MidTown area.

Offense #
Possession of Marijuana 1
Retail Fraud (shoplift) 7
Felony Warrant(s) 20
Friend of Court Warrant(s) 14
Fugitive Warrant(s) 13
Probation Violation 5
Indecent Exposing 1
Trespassing 2
Traffic Warrant(s) 21
Malicious Destruction of Property 1
Felonious Assault 1
OUIL (drunk driving) 2
Federal Warrant 1
Carry Concealed Weapon 1
Misdemeanor Warrant(s) 4
Violation of Controlled Substances 2
Parole Violation 1
B & E Auto 3
Assault & Battery/Domestic Violence 1
Drive W/Suspended License 2
Flee & Elude Police 2
Possession of Stolen Motor Vehicle 7
Receive & Conceal Stolen Property 1
B&E School 1
Larceny from Motor Vehicle 1
Carry Concealed Weapon in Vehicle 1
Robbery Armed 4

4. Have a Smart phone? You'll Want to Read This!

At 9:30 pm on Thursday, March 27, 2014, WSUPD Officers responded to a report of an Armed Robbery, south of campus. involving a 27 year old female student. The student states she was talking on her iPhone, while walking on the sidewalk, when she noticed a tan car, occupied by two unknown subjects, stop in the street just ahead of her. One of the occupants told the woman to drop her phone and purse and walk away. When the woman looked at the vehicle occupant, she observed him holding a handgun in his hand. She immediately dropped her shoulder bag and her iPhone on the ground and ran to a nearby residence to call WSUPD. She last saw the offenders pick up her property and flee the area, driving southbound on Cass Avenue in a vehicle she could only describe as being tan in color. The student was not injured, but lost her iPhone and shoulder bag containing an iPad, miscellaneous identification and a small amount of cash. Responding Officers searched the area, but could not locate that vehicle. 

In fact, the victim could only provide the vehicle color - no make, model or license plate information was available to the Officers, leaving them with very little information to work with in locating the offenders or the stolen property.

Initial attempts to track the stolen iPhone proved fruitless as the device had apparently been turned off. However, Officers had the information they needed to continue trying to track the device. 

The next morning, a WSUPD Crime Abatement Team Officer (off duty and at home at the time) was able to obtain a GPS tracking signal from the iPhone stolen the night before. The off-duty officer then notified his team, along with uniform WSUPD Officers and Investigators, of what he had. While a plan was put into place to establish an active surveillance, the phone was turned off and on several times - resulting in intermittent GPS signals being received by the officers. Shortly after 3:00 pm, monitoring WSUPD Officers received a steady GPS signal and mapped the stolen iPhone to a Metro PCS store in the area of Seven Mile and Hoover, in northeast Detroit, where the phone was remaining stationary. Shortly before arriving to this area, investigating officers tracking the signal, noted the phone was moving. The signal was lost just prior to the officers arrival when the phone was apparently turned off. 

An interview of the clerk inside the Metro PCS store resulted in the officers obtaining the physical description of a subject who had entered the store in an attempt to sell the stolen iPhone. The officers left the Metro PCS store and headed to the area of E. Warren and Chene where one of the intermittent signals had been plotted earlier in the day. While enroute to that area, the officers again began receiving GPS signals from the phone that had been turned on. The GPS signals were mapped to a specific private residence in the 5000 block of Rohns. On arrival at that residence, officers noted an occupied tan 1997 Mercury parked in front of the address. Investigation of the vehicle occupant revealed a handgun on his person and a connection to the residence he was parked in front of. The vehicle occupant was arrested. Investigation of the residence revealed three adult occupants who professed their innocence and claimed they had no knowledge of the robbery incident, the stolen property taken, or the person in the tan Mercury parked in front of the home. To prove their innocence, the occupants even gave consent to the Officers to search the home. A subsequent search of the home located the stolen iPhone and iPad, taken in the robbery the night before, hidden under a mattress in one of the bedrooms of the home. The three occupants of the home where then placed under arrest. 

A subsequent review of the case by the Wayne County Prosecutor's office resulted in the issuance of criminal charges, including Armed Robbery, Felony Firearms, felony Receiving and Concealing Stolen Property and CCW Motor Vehicle. Most of the student's stolen property was recovered.

So what does this mean to you? Well, if you own a Smart phone, you need to be aware of it's value to thieves and what you can do to protect yourself and your property.

If you have not installed or activated a "Find My Phone" tracking app on your smart phone, read the "5 Steps to Protect Your Smart Phone from Theft" article (linked below) to learn how to install and use the "Find My Phone" capabilities of your iPhone. Android phone or Windows phone.

As we have noted in previous issues of CampusWatch, the theft of iPhones and other "iDevices" is increasing at an alarming rate across the country. According to a very recent story (linked below) this crime spree is not going away - it's getting worse. According to a just released national survey by Consumer Reports, about 3.1 million Americans had their iPhones stolen last year (2013). And that number is almost double the estimated 1.6 million iPhones stolen in the U.S. during 2012. See the following article:

Phone Thefts Soar as Kill Switch Debate Heats Up:

"5 Steps to Protect Your Smart Phone from Theft or Loss" (Consumer Reports - April 2014)

Smartphone Theft on the Rise  ( - Channel 12 News, San Antonio Texas:

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