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To All Wayne State University Students, Staff and Faculty:

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  1. October 2013 Crime Stats
  2. October 2013 Campus Crime Summary
  3. October 2013 Arrest Summary
  4. Phishing Scams and Identity Theft during the Holiday Season

1. October 2013 Crime Stats:

- Crimes Reported on the Wayne State University Campus -
  October 2013 Jan-Oct 2013 Jan-Oct 2012
Homicide 0 0 0
Forcible Sex Offence 1 7 2
Non-Forcible Sex Offence 0 0 0
Robbery 2 25 24
Aggravated Assault 0 1 0
Burglary 0 4 17
Larceny 26 174 162
Vehicle Theft 4 14 40
Arson 0 0 0

2. October 2013 Campus Crime Summary:


One forcible sex offense was reported during October 2013. In that incident, a 20 year old female Housing resident reported that on October 22nd, she invited a known male student and his friend into her building where she signed them in as her guests. They went to an upper floor where, at some point, the male student fondled the female student. The female student protested and demanded both subjects leave the building. She then walked both males out of the building, but did not report the incident until sometime later. The female student was not injured, did not wish to prosecute and only wanted the incident documented.


Two robbery incidents were reported during October 2013.

The first incident, a Robbery Not Armed, occurred on Tuesday, October 22, 2013, when WSUPD Officers responded to a monitored Detroit Police Department 911 call on a robbery incident that had just occurred on Warren west of Cass Avenue. On their arrival the Officers found a 20 year old female WSU student who reported she was sitting outside the north side of the WSU Old Main building. There, she was approached by subject #1 (listed below) who was on foot. He asked the student if he could purchase two cigarettes from her.. The student replied, "Yes" and she removed 2 cigarettes for the subject. The subject then grabbed to two cigarettes and the student's cell phone from her hands. The offender immediately fled to a nearby burgundy Ford Taurus with subject #2 (described below) standing just outside the car. Both subjects then got into the vehicle and fled east to Cass Avenue, then southbound on Cass Avenue. The student was not injured.

Offender's Description: 

  1. Unknown black male, 18 - 23 years of age, 6'2", 230 pounds, full scruffy beard and mustache, wearing a black hoodie and black jogging pants.
  2. Unknown black male 18 - 23 years of age, 6'2", 180 pounds, wearing a black skull cap, red hoodie and dark colored jeans

Last seen in a burgundy colored Ford Taurus with a Michigan license plate of "CPC-2810", southbound on Cass from Warren.

Witnesses, attempting to help, dialed 911 rather than calling WSUPD directly at 313-577-2222. Calling 911 to report a situation requiring police, fire or medical assistance, will almost always result in a slower response than if you called WSUPD directly. Whenever you need police, fire or medical assistance, whether on-campus or in the MidTown area, please call WSUPD directly at 313-577-2222.  

The second incident, also a Robbery Not Armed, occurred on October 29, 2013 at approximately 6:10 pm when a 22 year old female student reported she was outside 818 W. Hancock, texting on her phone, when an unknown male walked up and ripped the phone out of her hands. The offender was last seen running south on Anthony Wayne Drive, then west of Forest.


A total of twenty-one (21) incidents of  Larceny (theft of unattended property) were reported during October 2013 from fifteen different locations across campus. 


Four vehicles were reported stolen to WSUPD during October 2013. All four were parked on city streets adjacent to campus locations. No vehicles were reported stolen from any WSU parking facility during the month. Taken from city streets adjacent to campus locations: 

Date Location Time frame Vehicle year and model
Oct 3rd
Warren at Cass Ave.
7:50 pm - 9:07 pm 2007 Toyota Corolla
Oct 6th Putnam at Cass Avenue 4:40 pm - 9:00 pm 2001 Dodge Caravan
Oct 21st Warren at the Lodge 7:30 pm - 5:20 pm 2004 Chrysler Sebring
Oct 28th Anthony Wayne S/O Palmer 5:40 am - 12 noon 1999 Ford Taurus

3. October 2013 Arrest Summary:

WSUPD Officers made a total of 91 arrests, during October 2013, for a variety of offenses. The arrests were the end result of the investigation of suspicious persons or circumstances, either called in by members of our on and off campus community or observed by officers while on routine patrol, traffic stops, alarm run responses, targeted patrol efforts, rapid arrival to in-progress incidents, or completed crime report investigations by WSUPD Investigators. The following arrest incidents, some involving multiple charges, occurred either on campus or in the surrounding MidTown area. 

Offense #
Retail Fraud (shoplift) 8
Drive w/Suspended License 3
Robbery Not Armed 3
Robbery Armed 2
Poss Marijuana (transport) 2
Traffic Warrant(s) 19
Disorderly Conduct 6
Assault & Battery on Police Officer 2
Larceny Auto Parts 3
Violation of Controlled Substances 1
Felony Warrant(s) 5
Operate While Impaired (drunk driving) 5
Fugitive Warrant(s) 3
Criminal Trespass 2
Larceny from Person 1
Friend of Court Warrant(s) 3
Larceny 1
Parole Absconder 3
Carry Concealed Weapon (Taser) 1
Carry Concealed Weapon (pistol) 1
Misdemeanor Warrant(s) 5
Embezzlement 1
Assault & Battery 1
Possession of Stolen Motor Vehicle 1
Probation Violation 1
Criminal Sexual Conduct 4th Degree 1
Receiving & Concealing Stolen Property 5
Domestic Violence 1

4. Phishing Scams and Identity Theft common during the Holiday Season

Consumers are not the only ones getting ready for the holiday season. Cyber criminals are excited and prepared for the shopping season too. Whether you are going to shop, book travel arrangements or pay your bills don't let cyber criminals ruin your holiday cheer.  Be cautious and consider the actions you are taking online.

Fraudulent emails adopt many different forms and may appear legitimate by incorporating company brands, colors, or other legal disclaimers from common sites like UPS, Amazon, and Fedex. For more examples, check out the Department of Homeland Security article on seasonal scams:

For more tips on how to protect yourself and stay safe online, check out this short article on the C&IT website.

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact the C&IT Help Desk at (313) 577-4778 or

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