Response to Recent Robberies

Many community members have e-mailed the Wayne State University Police Department expressing worry about robberies that have recently occurred. We appreciate your concerns, and will keep you updated on crime incidents that impact our campus. We do this to raise the level of awareness so we can all help make our campus safer.

Experts attribute increases in crime rates to factors such as the poor economy, unemployment, work and personal life stressors and people’s ability to cope with increasing demands placed on them. While current figures are not available, we believe that crime rates may well be increasing in many urban, suburban and rural areas. We are not alone in dealing with current crime trends.

Wayne State’s campus is one of the safest in comparison to surrounding communities and Michigan’s other large public universities. Wayne State police are commissioned as Detroit Police Department officers, which means they are authorized to investigate, arrest or take any other necessary action to address criminal activity on our campus. Our new police headquarters at 6050 Cass Ave. has new and improved equipment to ensure our officers have the best technology and tools at their disposal. The WSUPD has a strong reputation for rapid response to emergency incidents, routinely arriving on scene within 90 seconds of being dispatched.

We have met with the university administration and outlined our plan to maintain a safe campus. This includes:

  • The WSUPD will, in cooperation with the Dean of Students Office, be offering a series of free seminars: "Street Smarts - How To Avoid being a Victim," which focuses on behaviors criminals look for in selecting potential crime targets and what you can do to lessen your chances of being a victim. Dates and times will be announced via CAMPUSWATCH e-mail.
  • Increasing visibility: Although you may not recognize them as WSUPD, keep in mind that we always have officers in plainclothes assignments around campus. However, you will see an increased presence of uniformed officers in the area.
  • Reiterating our SAFEWALK Program: This underutilized program is available any day or time you feel apprehensive about walking anywhere. Please call WSUPD at 313-577-2224 and we will assign an officer or cadet in a patrol vehicle to watch you walk from one point to another. Teams of uniformed cadets with radios handle inner campus SAFEWALK assignments on foot.
  • Re-evaluating the Wayne State shuttle service: The WSUPD will work with other university departments in a study of the free WSU shuttle service for usage patterns to determine if different pick-up/drop off points or hours of operation are needed.

We continue to encourage you to carry you cell phone on you, not buried at the bottom of a purse or book bag, or left in a coat pocket hung over the back of a chair. Please program the WSUPD emergency number (313) 577-2222 into your cell phone speed dial or phone directory.

Please continue to e-mail us (at with questions, comments, suggestions and concerns.

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