Other Safety Programs

The Wayne State University Police Department conducts and hosts a variety of crime prevention and safety awareness programs for our campus community. The purpose of these programs is to increase crime awareness and provide information that will reduce the likelihood that a crime could occur in our campus area.

The new employee or student's first exposure to our crime awareness efforts occurs at their orientation. These mandatory orientations provide the new student and employee with the policies and procedures to report criminal actions or other emergencies on campus, discuss the security of and access to various campus facilities, describe the campus law enforcement resources available to them for routine and emergency services, and discuss the common types of crime that can occur on our campus and the necessary steps that should be taken so as not to fall victim to these crimes. Specific orientation sessions are held for new students, transfer students, new staff and faculty.

Auto Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Etching: 
Approximately every other month, the WSUPD hosts free VIN etching sessions for all members of our campus community. VIN etching is a process endorsed by many auto insurance companies in which the vehicle identification number is permanently etched into the surface of at least six windows of a vehicle. The process uses a custom stencil and an acid-based paste. The permanent professional results provide traceable numbers in case of theft, reducing the profit motive for auto theft. All VIN etching sessions are announced via CAMPUSWATCH emails.

Street Smarts Personal Safety Seminars
The Wayne State University Police Department provides personal safety seminars for a variety of student groups and organizations. The Street Smarts – How to Avoid Being a Victim seminars provide easy-to-use, real-world safety tips for use in a wide variety of situations. The seminars are free and can be arranged by contacting the departments Crime Prevention Section at 313-577-6064.