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R.A.D. Systems of Self Defense

Rape Aggression Defense Basic

The Cornerstone of R.A.D. Systems, this course has its foundations in education and awareness. The course includes lecture, discussion and self-defense techniques suitable for women of all ages and abilities. This class is taught in a twelve hour period over several days.

Rape Aggression Defense Advanced

This class builds on techniques and strategies from the Basic class. This program also covers more prone defense strategies, multiple subject encounters, and even low and diffused light simulation exercises.  It is taught over four sessions which the student can pick between or attend all four.  Participants must have already completed the Basic Physical Defense program.

R.A.D. Weapons Defense Options

R.A.D. Systems Weapons Defense Program teaches participants realistic defensive strategies against edged weapons and firearms.  This class is offered over a two day four hour per day period.  Participants must have already completed the Basic Physical Defense program.

R.A.D. Keychain Defense Options

The R.A.D. Keychain Defense Options course is one of the only realistic and court-defensible impact weapons programs available for the general public. Combining proven R.A.D. Physical Defense strategies with revolutionary impact weapons defense techniques make this program effective.  Realistic employment, combat effectiveness, ‘light impact”, fluid transitions and simulation training exercises are all part of this program. This program revolves around use of the Kubaton in conjunction with weapon-enhanced physical skills.  This is a one day class.   Participants must have already completed the Basic Physical Defense program.

R.A.D. Aerosol Defense Options

Learn the most realistic methods for accessing, deploying and assisting the aerosol defense option; and if it fails to work (and it may), learn the proven backup strategies needed for successful escape.  R.A.D. Systems has conducted over 300 videotaped live test exposures to various aerosol products with a wide range of delivery systems.  Stop believing a manufacturer's selling hype.  We know what works and what doesn't through hands on experience.  This is a one day class.  Participants must have already completed the Basic Physical Defense program.

Resisting Aggression w/ Defense for Men

Participants will have the opportunity to: raise their awareness of aggressive behavior, recognize how aggressive behavior impacts their lives, learn steps to avoid aggressive behavior, consider how they can be part of reducing aggression and violence, and practice hands-on self-defense skills to resist and escape aggressive behavior directed toward them. This program is designed to empower participants to make safer choices when confronted with aggressive behavior.   This class is offered over three days for three hours each day.

R.A.D. on Domestic Violence Seminar

The Domestic Violence Seminar is a program designed to educate and bring awareness to domestic and dating violence.  We will define domestic violence, talk about the cycle of violence, talk about the law as it relates to domestic violence, provide resources, and discuss participant’s questions.

R.A.D. Parent and TEEN

Building on RAD’s foundation basic class, the RAD TEENS program was developed to educate boys and girls ages 10-17yrs old.  This class focuses on empowering adolescents who are at the most vulnerable time in their lives.  Some topics include self esteem, bullying, social media, dating violence, consent, and sexual assault.