The Wayne State Police Department

With its own buildings, restaurants and streets within the City of Detroit, Wayne State University resembles a city unto itself. Wayne State University police officers perform the same duties as the police in the community where you live. All 67 officers employed by the department are college graduates and State of Michigan-certified police officers. Whether on campus or in the area surrounding Wayne State, the department is committed to providing full-service police response.

The department is comprised of police officers commissioned by the City of Detroit and have the same responsibilities and authority as any police officer in Michigan. They patrol the Wayne State University area in patrol cars, on foot, bike, and motorcycle 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A group of civilian cadets also patrol the area, keeping radio contact with the dispatch center.

All officers have at least a bachelor's, and nearly half are Wayne State graduates. All have completed an intensive preservice training period in a state-certified police academy. This is followed by a demanding, 10-phase, on-the-job field training program. The department's commitment to training keeps officers up to date with the latest techniques for enforcing the law and serving the community.

Established in 1966, the department has maintained an impressive safety record. The entire Wayne State campus is in touch with the department via the Blue Light Phone System. There are over 140 safety phones on and around the main campus and School of Medicine areas.

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