Campus safety advisory council

Statement of purpose

Wayne State University continually strives to reach the highest standards of excellence in ensuring the safety of everyone in the university community. In furtherance of this mission, the Board of Governors has formed the Wayne State University Campus Safety Advisory Council pursuant to Act No. 120, Public Acts of 1990. The council receives and addresses citizens' complaints filed by individuals against the university's public safety officers and the Department of Public Safety. In addition, the council reviews campus safety initiatives and may make recommendations to the university president on campus safety issues.

The council does not have the authority to change or modify state law, university policy, or departmental policies and procedures. The council plays no role in the negotiation or administration of the university's collective bargaining agreements. Nothing in this policy shall be construed as to limit or alter the authority of the Wayne State University Department of Public Safety.


Number: The council shall consist of two students, two regular faculty members, and two regular nonacademic supervisory or confidential staff members who are not staff of the Department of Public Safety. The director of public safety, or their designee, shall serve as an ex officio member of the council.

Term: Faculty and staff representatives shall serve for a period of two years, and student representatives shall serve for a period of one year.

Nominations/elections: The Academic Senate and the Student Senate shall nominate council members from among their elected constituents. Staff representatives shall be appointed by the president or their designee.


The council shall meet two times per year: Once in the fall semester, and once in the winter semester. The director of public safety shall review with the council all citizens' complaints received by the department. The director of public safety shall also provide an overview of campus safety developments and new initiatives. The council may prepare recommendations to the university president regarding campus safety issues.


Citizens' complaints submitted to the Department of Public Safety shall be processed under the departmental Citizens' Complaint Procedure. These complaints and all records relating to their investigation and final disposition shall be kept on file with the department for a period of 10 years. A summary of the citizens' complaints submitted to the department, including the allegations made in the complaint, the investigation of the complaint and the final disposition of the complaint, shall be provided to the council by the director of public safety, or their designee, at each meeting.

Campus safety issues

The Department of Public Safety shall provide the council with information about campus safety including crime statistics reflected in the university's Annual Security Report, crime alerts/timely warnings issued pursuant to the Clery Act, and special safety initiatives.


Information about the substance, status, or disposition of any citizens' complaints shall remain confidential unless otherwise required by law. The use of electronic mail for the purpose of disseminating information about citizens' complaints is strictly prohibited. All council notes, reports and meeting minutes shall be stored centrally, in the custody of the Department of Public Safety.

Requests for information about the role of the council, the citizens' complaint procedure or the status of any particular complaint should be referred to university public relations.