Programs and workshops

Crime prevention and awareness programs

The Department conducts and hosts a variety of crime prevention and safety awareness programs for our campus community. The purpose of these programs is to increase crime awareness and provide information that will reduce the likelihood that a crime could occur in our campus area.


A new employee or student's first exposure to our crime awareness efforts occurs at their orientation. These mandatory orientations provide the new student or employee with the policies and procedures to report criminal actions or other emergencies on campus, discuss the security of and access to various campus facilities, describe the campus law enforcement resources available to them for routine and emergency services, and discuss the common types of crime that can occur on our campus and necessary steps that should be taken to not fall victim to these crimes. Specific orientation sessions are held for new students, transfer students, new staff and faculty.

Street Smarts personal safety seminars

The Wayne State University Police Department provides personal safety seminars for a variety of student groups and organizations. The Street Smarts How to Avoid Being a Victim seminars provide easy to use, real-world personal safety tips for a wide variety of situations.  The seminars are free and can be arranged by contacting the Crime Prevention Section at 313-577-6064.

Campuswatch email

The WSUPD sends out monthly emails to more than 68,000 current students, staff, faculty, alumni and retirees. These monthly emails update the reader with a summary of any criminal activity on campus and in the surrounding area. They provide a variety of safety tips and suggestions as well as links to useful information on a wide variety of personal safety topics. Since its inception, we have learned that CAMPUSWATCH emails are forwarded well beyond the confines of the university community. The WSU Dean of Students Office routinely forwards each issue to all parents in the Wayne State University Parent Association. It is also routed to various community groups, neighborhood associations, news groups, the Detroit Police Department and the Detroit City Council.

Harden Auto Larceny Targets (HALT) brochures

Members of the campus community are cautioned against leaving any item of value in plain view inside their parked vehicles. Valuables left unattended in vehicles have the same risk for theft as valuables left unattended in classrooms or offices. A general rule, If something is valuable to you, it will also be valuable to a thief. applies to vehicles just as it applies to classrooms and offices. Rolled-up car windows and locked doors may only momentarily slow down a determined thief.

Lost and found

To claim property or to see if your lost property has been recovered by our department, please call the Records Section during normal business hours at 313-577-2056. A lost and found service is also maintained by the Student Center and can be reached during normal business hours at 313-577-0295.

Camera requests

Cameras can be used to monitor sensitive or restricted access areas on campus, high profile areas (such as computer labs or rooms with expensive equipment) and general overall campus safety in public areas. Departments who wish to purchase a camera should complete the request form.


In addition to the programs listed above, the department offers training for Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) and active attacker preparedness, as well as bicycle registration and locks, Club steering wheel locks, and VIN etching sessions.