Rape aggression defense (RAD)

The WSUPD offers training in Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) Systems throughout the year for members of the university community. This interactive training provides a number of helpful self-defense techniques to protect women and men in the event of an attack.

RAD Systems is a program of realistic self-defense tactics and techniques. A comprehensive course, RAD begins with awareness, prevention, risk reduction and avoidance while progressing to the basics of hands-on self-defense. The RAD program is taught nationwide, and its widespread acceptance is primarily due to the ease, simplicity and effectiveness of RAD tactics, solid research, legal defensibility and unique teaching methodology.

Classes offered include:

  • RAD Basic (for women only)

    The cornerstone of RAD Systems, this course has its foundations in education and awareness. It includes lectures, discussion and self-defense techniques suitable for women of all ages and abilities. All RAD Basic classes are open to women only. Husbands, boyfriends or other males will not be allowed to attend or view this training. 

    Our RAD Basic course is open to women and girls of all ages. In fact, graduates of our past classes ranged from 10 to 74 years of age. More than 1,500 women have attended our Basic RAD classes since late 1999, when we began to offer the training. 

    Several male and female WSUPD officers who are nationally certified RAD instructors teach each session. The program is a 13-hour women’s self-defense course that has been internationally recognized as an effective and easy-to-learn personal safety tool. If you make the time commitment, we will commit to providing you with some of the best women's self-defense training available.

    In the RAD Basic self-defense class, you learn how to effectively use the 10 "personal weapons" you have on your person at all times. These "personal weapons" can not be taken away from you, and they can not be used against you. You will learn how to use these tools effectively and efficiently to defeat an assailant — even someone physically larger and potentially stronger than you.  

    Each class consists of four sessions that cover a variety of topics including personal safety and safety awareness, risk avoidance and reduction strategies, physical defense techniques, and aggressive defense measures such as tactical ground fighting. The simulations session on the last day will give you the opportunity to test your new self-defense skills in three simulated attacks.

    WSU students, staff and faculty members may also attend with, or enroll, one non-WSU woman as their guest. This may include non-WSU spouses, partners, girlfriends, moms and female siblings. Daughters and siblings 12 to 16 years of age are welcome to attend the R.A.D. training program once a parent signs a Parental Consent Form. Because of the subject matter, we highly recommend that the minor female attends the R.A.D. course with a female parent or older female sibling.

    The RAD course costs only $20 per participant for the four-session class. Payment is required at time of registration. Sorry, but we do not have the equipment for electronic swipe card payments. We can accept cash or checks, made payable to Wayne State University Police. You must register in advance to ensure your enrollment.

    To maintain a low student-to-instructor ratio, class size is limited to the first 20 registered participants. To register for this class, please bring your $20 registration fee and your WSU OneCard to the Records section of the Wayne State Police Department located at 6050 Cass Avenue at Burroughs, two blocks north of the Ford Freeway. (Feel free to park in the Police Only Zone in front of the building, as the course registration will only take a couple of minutes).

    This course is very popular. Previous RAD Basic classes filled very quickly and were met with overwhelming success. If you plan on registering with a friend or relative, please don’t delay. 

    WSUPD Records section office hours are Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

  • RAD Advanced

    Building on techniques and strategies from the RAD Basic class, this program also covers prone defense strategies, multiple subject encounters, and low- and diffused-light simulation exercises.

    This class is taught over four sessions, which the student can pick between or attend all four. Participants must have already completed the RAD Basic program.  

  • RAD for Men

    Participants will have the opportunity to raise awareness of their aggressive behavior and recognize how it impacts their lives, avoid aggressive behavior, reduce aggression and violence, and practice hands-on self-defense skills to resist and escape aggressive behavior directed toward them.

    This program empowers participants to make safer choices when confronted with aggressive behavior. This class is offered over three days, for three hours each day.

  • RAD Parent and Teens

    Building on RAD Basic, RAD Parent and Teens was developed to educate boys and girls ages 10-17. This class focuses on empowering adolescents during the most vulnerable time in their lives. Topics include self-esteem, bullying, social media, dating violence, consent and sexual assault.

  • RAD Aerosol Defense Options

    Learn the most realistic methods for accessing, deploying and assisting aerosol defense, as well as proven backup strategies needed for successful escape. RAD Systems has conducted more than 300 videotaped live test exposures to various aerosol products with a wide range of delivery systems.

    This is a one-day class. Participants must have already completed RAD Basic.

  • RAD Keychain Defense Options

    The RAD Keychain Defense Options course combines proven RAD physical defense strategies with impact weapons defense techniques. Realistic employment, combat effectiveness, "light impact,” fluid transitions and simulation training exercises are all part of this program, which revolves around use of the Kubaton in conjunction with weapon-enhanced physical skills.

    This is a one-day class. Participants must have already completed RAD Basic.

  • RAD Weapons Defense

    The RAD Systems Weapons Defense program teaches participants realistic defensive strategies against edged weapons and firearms.  

    This class is offered over a two-day, four-hour per day period. Participants must have already completed the R.A.D. Basic program.

  • RAD Domestic Violence Seminar

    The RAD Domestic Violence Seminar has been designed to educate participants on domestic and dating violence. Participants will learn to define domestic violence, talk about the cycle of violence, discuss the law as it relates to domestic violence, receive important resources and be able to ask questions in a safe environment.

  • RAD Instructor Certification Course

    Upon successful completion of the RAD Instructor Certification Course, participants will be certified to teach the RAD Basic Physical Defense program for women.

    This is an intense, three-day, 30-hour certification program.

  • RAD Replicating Adverse Dynamics

    The RAD Replicating Adverse Dynamics course has been designed to teach self-defense instructors and personal protection specialists the fundamentals of replicating adverse dynamics in female self-defense training environments. This reality-based, scenario-driven program covers situational dynamics including one-on-one, hand-to-hand confrontation; multiple subject encounters; and weapon defense training issues.