VIN etching

What is VIN etching?

Using a mild acid paste and six computer cut stencils, VIN etching consists of cleanly, professionally, permanently and discreetly etching your car or truck Vehicle Identification Number on six of your vehicles windows (front, back and four side windows). This chemical etching of the VIN on the windows of your car effectively discourages thieves from taking your vehicle. How? Chop shop rings thrive on vehicles that have easily removable VIN plates or no visible VIN number etched on them at all. 

Why is VIN etching effective?

Once a car thief sees that your car is etched, they realize that each VIN etched window will have to be replaced (to match the bogus VIN plate they have installed on your "re-tagged" car), which is very cost-prohibitive as they have no insurance to cover this hefty expense. VIN etching is endorsed by the Michigan Auto Theft Prevention Authority and many auto insurance companies because it is a proven deterrent to auto theft and can aid in the recovery and positive identification of your car.

What's in it for you?
This service is a proven benefit to anyone who is looking to deter the theft of their vehicle. As an added bonus, you will be provided with a certificate of VIN etching which, when presented to most auto insurance companies, may qualify you for up to a 5 percent discount on the comprehensive portion of your auto insurance. Check with your auto insurance agent to see if they offer a discount and you qualify.

What you need to bring:

  • A valid vehicle registration for the vehicle being etched.
  • A valid driver's license.
  • Current proof of auto insurance.
  • Not a Michigan resident? Not a problem. Non-resident faculty, staff, students and area neighbors are welcome to get their vehicle VIN etched at this event. Please check with your out-of-state insurance company to see if you qualify for the 5 percent insurance premium reduction.

What if I have a leased vehicle?

Most leasing companies will allow your leased vehicle to be VIN etched as it does not reduce the value of the vehicle. If you are unsure, simply call and ask if they will permit your leased vehicle to be VIN etched on six windows.

How long does it take?

From start to finish, the actual VIN etching process takes about 10 minutes (a bit longer if cars are lined up) and is similar to a "drive-thru" oil change. You drive into our garage, we obtain your documents, cut six computer-generated stencils with your car's Vehicle Identification Number and etch that number on your windows. Some folks don't even get out of their car! But feel free to step out and watch as we complete the process.