Personal Safety on Campus

Staff and faculty members spend a lot of time here on campus, and your office and/or classroom can easily become your "home away from home." You should take the same security precautions and security measures on campus as you would in your own home. Some of these precautions are discussed below:

Be aware of your surroundings: Police officers use this term frequently. It means nothing more than simply being aware of what is going on around you and whether or not that activity is normal and expected for the setting. If something seems strange, unusual or suspicious, you are asked to contact the WSUPD immediately at 577-2222. Officers will be dispatched to check out the activity.

Maintain the security of your building: Wayne State University is a public institution, and its facilities (including all campus buildings) are reserved for the exclusive use of its students, staff, faculty, guests and visitors. Contrary to what some think, Wayne State buildings are not open to the public. Your home is not a public building and neither is your building on campus. Only authorized persons are allowed access to campus buildings, even during regular business hours. If you see anyone who does not appear to have legitimate business in a campus building, please contact the WSUPD immediately.

Please do not prop open building doors. While propping a door open may provide some level of convenience, also increases risks to persons and property.  Please do not admit persons you don't know into campus buildings. While it may be courteous to open a door for someone, this action can also place persons or activity at risk.

When you are not in your office or work area, strongly consider closing and locking your office door. It takes a couple of seconds to close and lock a door — about the same amount of time for a thief to walk in and steal a purse, laptop or other valuable items. 

It is fairly common knowledge among both police officers and thieves that about 85 percent of female staff members working in an office setting will keep their purse in a bottom right-hand desk drawer in their office or work area. How long would it take for a thief to walk up to your desk and open the bottom right hand drawer, remove the purse and walk out of your office? The answer — about as long as it took you to read this last sentence. A suggested solution would be to either lock your desk or always lock your office every time you leave it.

When working late: If you work or study late in any campus building and few coworkers or students are around, please feel free to call the Wayne State Police dispatcher.

For additional safety tips, please click here.